Channel 9 NEWS has publicly reported the Western Australian University has been studying Sharks vision, sensory and deterrent systems over the last several years.


Doctor Walter Starck, the Australian world-renowned marine scientist has granted SharkCamo's Director written permission to use his photos and articles from his research in 1975.

The famous Doctor Walter Starck marine scientist seen here on the HISTORY Channel in 1975.

Dr.Starck was the first to make and test the striped Krait sea snake theory.

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The famous marine Scientist Dr.Walter Starck has kindly granted us permission to use articles and footage attributing him as the original designer of the famous striped krait Sea snake Wetsuit he designed and tested in 1975.

Sharks avert from the banded sea snake the moment they get to close, as they are extremely poisonous.

Sharks best friends are the (Pilot fish or Zebra fish) which jointly swim along side sharks. They just happen to be black and white striped like the banded sea snake l have noticed , presumably to avert sharks from biting.

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